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    Viktory’s 4th studio release.

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  • "Tomorrow Came"

    “I think it’s safe to say that people are divided. We struggle to understand religious difference, sexual difference, cultural difference and more. We have no capacity to harmonize as a country and more importantly as people. I think Jesus had it right when he ate with those he didn’t agree with”, Viktory states.

    “TOMORROW CAME is the best music I’ve ever made”, Viktory states. The 10-song album is a conceptual departure from 2014 R4 Vol. 2 or Viktory’s 2012 stellar nominated album (R4 Relentless Forever) that featured Andy Mineo, Swoope, Canton Jones, Bizzle, and more. “The soundscape, content, and attention to detail are sharper and more intense”, Viktory added.

    Tomorrow Came is true to the R4 attitude yet ventures into a deeper, more mature, and realistic look at life and it’s struggles from a dizzying number of angles. ‘Tomorrow Came’ is an energetic and upbeat album that remains introspective at its core.


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ABOUT Viktory

ABOUT Viktory

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and eventually moved to California, Viktory didn’t grow up as a Christian. In fact, Viktory didn’t become a Christian until his freshman year in college.