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12 Reasons You Should NOT Become a Christian Rapper

12 Reasons You Should NOT Become a Christian Rapper

Read the list, we’ll talk after.

Update: This post is aimed at those considering becoming a Christian Rapper full time or for a career. 10.26.12

  1. Most Christian Rappers lose money!
    There are very few Christian rappers that turn a profit at the end of the year. Very few. Most lose money for years.
  2. You think booking is easy??
    Churches aren’t excited to book artists they aren’t familiar with. There are hundreds of artists competing both nationally and locally. You have to be exceptional to be randomly selected. Most bookings are secured by relationship and hard-work.
  3. You’re expecting quick results
    The first several years of this will require tremendous personal investment of time and resources with very little return, or promise of return.
  4. You aren’t prepared to divide business from ministry
    Many people fail as Christian artists and entertainers because they aren’t able to separate Ministry from business. You have to have the “stomach” to make good business decisions and ministry decisions simultaneously.
  5. If you have the “God got it” attitude
    Many people think that God will miraculously make everything work. No planning, strategy or diligence required. God will work for me while I sit back watch. Not so. God will bless the work of YOUR hands.
  6. You aren’t scripturally sound
    If you’re not sure where you stand on subjects like “predestination”, “election”, and “prosperity” you may want to reconsider. Its OK to rap about your life in Christ without discussion any of the above topics. However, the moment you grab a microphone, you make yourself a teacher. Be prepared to teach.
  7. No Local Missions and Affiliation
    If you aren’t working in your local community or affiliated with a local ministry, you may want to reconsider. Accountability is critical.
  8. Poor overall motive
    Is this a platform for self-promotion or ministry? Do you want to be famous? Do you want to make friends with other well-known artists? If these are on your list, reconsider. Firstly, you probably wont become famous or become friends with theses artists, secondly, you’re asking for a world of loss and heartache to enter into this field for fame and notoriety.
  9. This isn’t Gods plan for you
    If you aren’t sure if God has led you into Christian rap… wait until you are.
  10. You don’t understand how to produce quality
    If you don’t understand that mixing and mastering are equally as important as your rap skills, connections, performance game, and producers, you may want to reconsider.
  11. If you have 116 anywhere in your social media… 
    lol.. Dead serious… if you’re doing this, you aren’t prepared to establish yourself as a reputable brand and ministry. Sounds playful, but it only exposes a novice understanding of how to become your own entity. Branding is an essential and integral part of building your ministry. Imaging, sound quality, and skill set all factor in very critically. Update: Its ok to rep 116 the scripture. However, if you’re trying to establish yourself as a new artists, its wise to stay away from borrowing from established brands. I think the guys at Reach Records might give a new artist, not signed to their label, the same advice.
  12. You can’t get work/home balance
    If your wife doesn’t like it when you’re gone to the gas station picking up your favorite gummy bears for longer than 20 minutes, then you probably can’t be a Christian rapper. Expect days, even weeks apart from your family for little pay.

I could write so many more.

I feel compelled to post about this because I want to save you time. I believe God has called me to use the medium of Hip Hop to spread the message of Christ. There are several other objectives being satisfied while I occupy this position, but the Gospel is the ultimate reason I am here. This is a mission field. I want you to stop… and think… before you embark on this journey. Its demanding. However, if it’s for you, its tremendously rewarding and an awesome way to live your life. This is simply a warning to those that may be misguided.

If you have thoughts or questions, if you want to challenge or discuss certain points. Feel free. If you want to add more points, feel free.

Has this list helped you? Are you ready to be a Christian hip hop artist?


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  1. kky202 says:

    im really thankful for your website cause i desire to share the same gospel that saved me and was dealing with me since i was 12 years old i desire to share my testimony and biblical teachings through rap songs and poem and i believe your points has been and is very vital to my aim. im glad you exist to handle kingdom business cause im geting ready to bring my a game

    • r4everadmin says:

      Yes I am! I love reach records, Lecrae and the amazing 116 movement. But any new artists needs to establish their own brand.

      • Josh says:

        I somewhat agree. I don’t really think it matters personally. I rep 116 but not the label, I rep Romans 1:16 every time I get on that stage.

  2. Thank you for the post.
    I do not necessarily agree with the “116″ thing.

    Just because you support 116 on your social media, or have it tatted on your arm or something, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be a Christian rapper.

    Being a Christian rapper isn’t about the money, or the publicity, or being a brand, or having good quality sound, or having a good business mentality, or even getting booked.

    Being a Christian rapper is about, like you said, spreading the gospel through means of hip hop.
    I’ve been doing Christian rap for 7 years of my life now, and I haven’t made a dime off of it. I’ve performed once at my church, I’m not famous by any means, yes, I have 116 stationed all over my facebook – because they are the group that helped influence me spiritually, and so I’m a big fan of theirs.

    But none of that bothers me, or has negatively affected my music, my passion for Christ, or the effect that God has had through me.

    If you’re gonna make it big, then you’re gonna make it big. Congrats, that’s what God had planned for you. But some Christian rappers ain’t gonna make it big, ’cause that’s not God’s plan for them. God’s plan for them may to be for them to keep putting quality, encouraging, and challenging music onto the web for others to listen to – that’s what I do, and God has blessed me in that, and he has used it to encourage and challenge others, and even bring others to Himself.
    Some Christian rappers he has called to just stand out on a street and just preach the gospel using hip hop.

    My point being that the way you seem to make it sound is that if you’re gonna be a Christian rapper at all, you gotta have your own brand, gotta be good with business, gotta get played in shows and on the radio, you gotta sell music.
    God’s gonna take care of you financially if you keep on doing what He’s called you to.
    And you’ll know if He’s called you to the rap game.

    • r4everadmin says:

      Great point! I appreciate your response. If God called you to bless others with your talent in the way you mentioned, I strongly encourage that, however this article is specifically for people looking to do this “full time” or as a career.

      If this won’t be a career or full time, then I hold similar views to you.

  3. Royalte says:

    I totally agree with you on all of these things i am a a Gospel rapper and i must say these so called Gospel Hip Hoppers are really working my nerves!

  4. Royalte says:

    They are missing the whole concept about being a “Gospel/Christian” rapper. The key is to promote Christ not themselves and especially not to make a quick buck. if thats the case you are in the wrong buisness! Sn: if you’re listening to Gospel rappers and they are talking about themselves more than God stop listening to them and pray for them because they are caught up in the industry thats not christ like. 2 cor 6:17 Seperate yourself from the world!

    • HunniBee says:

      I really stopped listening to alot of Christian rappers because they were saying anything and using a lot of wordly beats… And when they have songs talking about their kids or wives.. Im like this isnt helping the person who isnt married or doesnt have kids. Great, you have a child!! But most people need to hear about living a righteous lifestyle not about how you play dad & husband… Im married and it got on my nerves quick!

  5. libertybird says:

    Well Put! A lot of times in ministry our motives are all wrong and this should be ministry but some don’t separate what should be worship with a message from entertainment . Can I print this list to use for me and keep grounded as a female Christian rapper and to share with other artists?

    • r4everadmin says:

      Of course! Grab the link and share this website however you see fit! Thanks for stopping by, check back for new content often!


  6. DJ Ron says:

    Very good blog post, I had to share it with others. I did not understand the 116 comment unless you were referring to the group. Other than that, I totally agree and it needs to be said. This sounds like in conjunction of what I wrote a year ago a blog called “The Jesus Hustle”.

  7. Username* says:

    being a Christian or Gospel rapper or Singer, poet or wateva it is Thats bringing fort the Gospel. it aint easy doing the works for the lord ,if I say it is then i will b lieing . we are living in a world of sin that fights against the Gospel. we as Christians gotta b ready to suffer for the Gospel. and sometimes we forget the main reason y we are doing it and we start to promote ourselves more than we promote God and forget that all of our blessing and strength come from God. he said seek him first and everything would come that we need. alot of us are really seeking are music benefits first and feel cause God name is in it we are seeking him first. a lil test come and run and pissed off. some ppl get bless earlier than others, some ppl get bless b4 u and that doesn’t mean they better u. God could b blessing them to see how u would react cause u aint get ur blessing yet. or bless them to show them there heart after a while when it becomes only bout them and other lil artist need help. and then they lose things and things dont seem rite nomore. alot of ppl are rushing there blessing and trying to create there own blessing and feel lyk y things aint getting rite. maybe God saying focus back on me or it aint your time yet. everything happens for a reason .

  8. Username* says:

    its either its ur full time ministry or u just a full time entertainer expect money out of God glory .this is how I feel about. alot of Christian artist start to sound alot lyk these secular artist these days and because they make money become there God. they say they not gonna compromise. and hend up compromising just because God wasnt the main priority in the beginning . was just looking for a way out to make there rap not unholy and make money. some really wanted a change in the begin but as soon as God give them a shot they forget about and still use his name and forget its about bringing ppl to christ and helping others and showing the love of God and feeding the poor. yea he loves us but it aint all about us . christ came for the sinners and theres unsave dieing and need help. and we worry about how its a business and aint making enough money. the devil just useing the very money to drive Christian crazy. we have it easy rite now. spend some time with the homeless and see. job lost everything and we aint even get to that point yet but we complaining. just gotta give God thanks for life and that we able to do wat we can do rite now. cause I dont make a Dime doing wat I do and even my very job dont give me much. sometimes I wonder how im always able to take care of something but its God and hes lyk where is our faith. the whole secular working together. but us as Christian artist aint working together. we just picking and chooseing cause we feel certain artist aint gonna do us no good and bash each other. alot might b mad bout the truth but this aint wat the Gospel about.

  9. Ha! I am particularly fond of point 4 and 6! As for point 11…I feel you. As someone involved in ministry, industry as well as part of an avid audience, I detest copycats. We are the salt of the earth, and frankly, TOO MANY Christian rappers are more like the equivalent of a Big Mac, versus an aged rib-eye steak from Smith and Wollensky….and that goes beyond copying Reach. They are a good example of what you mean by your point, but worse still, is copycat branding and duplicating industry/marketing methods of the secular industry.

  10. Username* says:

    I love u all and aint no hard feelings . but we gotta also knw that the devil would bless to and give us all the resources. and let it get the best of us. God knws y he dont bless us to another level and y he dont let overflow come in,. we cant never say we to perfect to fall away. cause when we feel lyk that then thats when we fall away. some of us are name would hit the chart and money coming in. and we wouldn’t even read the bible lyk that or spend time with him lyk we useto. or remember his ppl or the true reason y we are doing it. ppl might saying im preaching and talking bout God to much and this is about business. but all this has a reason y some of us aint where we want to b yet.and im not perfect but I could say God aint bless me overflow yet because hes working on me to spend alot more time with him and to remember it aint about me but about him. wat if he dont alow me to get overflow or on the top of the chart in ministry my whole life. ima say forget him and then that shows my heart. we worrying bout the wrong thing. God aint gonna leave us to die. he told the man to put down his riches and follow him. cause our riches is in heaven. and hell is as real and time is ticking. we really gotta b prepare for these days and reaching out to ppl. benefits comes it comes now we could help alot more ppl out and then they help someone else out and we all help each other out.

  11. Username* says:

    alot of ppl rather buy a Drake album than to buy a Gospel album. may b if go out there and reach out to them and speak to them about the Gospel and show them the love of God. and feed the poor and laugh and talk with them. bring them to christ. then we would have alot more ppl supporting us

  12. Hey bro, I just wanna chime in and let you know some things due to the fact that I’ve been silently watching what has been going on with MANY POPULAR christian rappers from Bizzle to Mouthpi3ce to Viktory(YOU, Lecrae, and many other Very Good christian artists. First of all there is a Gigantic whole in the game that I RARELY even hear anyone mentioning,and this whole is known as Music placements. Lecrae’s been grinding since 2004, recieving all kinda grammy nominations, and MANY other awards keeping his name known. SEE HERE. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lecrae We all know from a whole lot has changed sinced 2004 up until today. In 2004 People were actually STILL BUYING MUSIC. Verses today NOBODY is Faithfully buying anything thanks to the whole introduction of “MP3′s” and “downloading”. That….coupled with the economy has really MURDERED the music game. But here’s the thing. If you take a look at MATTHEW where Jesus is explaining how not to worry about “Meat and Raiment”(Food and clothes) because he will take care of us just as he has provided a way for the birds in the air to find food everyday by eating scraps.Then he says how much more are you greater than the birds? So. Therefore.

    Here is what it all comes down to. Asking GOD for WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE to provide a WAY where there isn’t one that exists. If you are an obediant christian, that has the faith of a mustard seed, GOD will provide for you especially if your heart’s desires is truly to serve the lord with a career in music, or whatever else it may be. I know this personally because of what GOD has recently showed me. I don’t even have time to be active facebook, reverbnation,or twitter yet because I am about to start getting Music placements by the caseloads. The LORD JESUS gave me the wisdom to research on how to get them and ever since he did so, I have been Quietly sitting back Stacking Music placement after placement.I’m talking about where companies and corporate individuals pay THOUSANDS of dollars to place my Beats and songs in movies,tv,film,etc.

    On top of that the LORD also showed me how to run my own online music marketing company where I could get OVER a “few” MILLION fans and people to notice the music I am creating. I look at it this way….When I was secular I couldn’t get anything poppin at all. But when I came to the LORD that’s when he shared his mercy and grace with my tired behind.I don’t even care about money anyway.Because when the dollar dies this world is going to collapse just like the devil will at the feet of MY FATHER.Trust me , you don’t wanna be Rich on earth yet spiritually BANKRUPT in heaven when the rapture happens.If I had “BANKROLLS” I’d open up a NON PROFIT restaurant strictly for the homeless called LEFTOVERS,where they would be treated like normal people.

    I’d Visit different Prisons to preach the word to inspire them about the lord, as well as many other different ideas I’ve spent a lotta time thinking about. ANother thing,is this though. So here’s how
    music placements can disect every single item on your list……

    1)Most Christian Rappers lose money!
    Answer: True, if they have NO IDEA about music placements
    and how MANY companies in the USA and other countries are willing
    to pay thousands of dollars to use your song.

    2)You think booking is easy??
    If certain churches and companies have never heard of you before,than they get skeptical as to if your goals and motives can fit theirs.Relationships and hard work are only TIDBITS of the puzzle to getting PAID for shows.Artists are not supposed to pay for their own shows,. THE SHOW Host are supposed to pay the artists.The only way to get a show or church to pay you, is if they have a heavy interest and are familiar with the music you create.If you are getting NATIONAL MUSIC PLACEMENTS, then many consumers,fans,companies,churches,etc get to hear your music without you even being in the same room. Imagine if “such n such” “CHRISTIAN” company was looking for gospel rappers, and they heard and LIKED your songs. Obviously if they see fit, they will call you and PAY you to share your ministry.

    3)You’re expecting quick results.(The first several years of this will require tremendous personal investment of time and resources with very little return, or promise of return.)

    Well GOD, the author of life is the decision maker for everything
    including results.Every body is NOT the same,therefore neither are their results.Just because it has taken one person a LOOOONG time does not mean it will take the next person that same amount of time. Very little return?

    This depends on the level of the person’s knowledge.If you have a team where every member of that team all shares the same knowledge, then you’ll end up with frustated tired strategies that end up NOT WORKING. Vs. Having someone or a group of people that are willing to do research into thinkinig outside of the box, to promote and market your music… or research getting music placements. Your returns could be far greater than expected. But be VERY CAREFUL to remain focusing on christ not cash as the ulterior motive.

    4)You aren’t prepared to divide business from ministry….

    This is crucial and I agree with you on this one. But this is also where people need to learn how to make business decisions while keeping their “HOLY” Morals in tact. If you want to do music fulltimie then their is a way you have to go about doing it where per song gets you enough to Pay tides,
    pay your bills, groceries,provide for your family and still have a little extra for emergencies. (Ahem…….Music placements)

    5)If you have the “God got it” attitude….
    WHether you have a full time JOB or your are trying your best to be a fulltime paid musician…WORK IS WORK. Doesn’t matter what kind you do. As long as it is LEGAL, and falls in a healthy standard with christ.

    6)You aren’t scripturally sound.
    Answer:I wished every christian rapper in the world
    would realize that they are all different from one another
    and that their are some really good issues that haven’t gotten discussed
    or mentioned about this hateful world we live in.Having said that…
    it is detrimental to know what the lord’s objectives are whenever you
    referencing a song from any part of scripture.

    7)No Local Missions and Affiliation….
    Well if you had a great strategy for promotion and marketing
    your music then that means your reputation would be as visible as a
    the sky bringing the interest of local “affiliations” to you rather than you going to them.But getting affiliated locally is veryyyyy easy to do.

    8)Poor overall motive? Fame and notoriety?
    Answer: If your trying to get famous because you have reached
    a certain skill level, in your music, then you need to sit down and go
    re-open the word. Because if not , then PRIDE can easily jump in your way and decieve you into living for yourself instead of the word of GOD.Why care what people think about you when “people” don’t have the say so whether you
    go to heaven or hell?

    9)This isn’t Gods plan for you. If you aren’t sure if God has led you into Christian rap… wait until you are.

    Answer: The only thing better to do is to SEEK the Lord and asks him.
    Be Patient, and wait for an answer.If you reeeeally want to do it and you
    never have because your nervous then take that to the lord as well.

    10)You don’t understand how to produce high quality music due to your music being POORLY Mixed and mastered.

    Answer:The first 15 seconds of every song you are on is what is known as your first impressions to the listeners ears. If you rob them of that because your beats are not good and or your songs are poorly mixed and mastered then that means you don’t understand how to build and keep anyone interested in hearing your ministry or your music.

    11)If you have 116 anywhere in your social media…
    Branding is Very important. Yes I agree with you on this as well.
    I think all christian artists should try to steer clear of clinging on the
    journey of other christian artist. BE YOU. It’s what makes life more interesting.When I first heard Viktory, I was like Wow, dude has his own sound and I could tell right off the bat that he was comfortable
    “IN THAT SOUND”. So yes it is crucial to be YOU, not a clone.

    12)You can’t get work/home balance….
    Answer:If you have a clingy wife or husband that doesn’t understand the seriousness of spreading the word all you have to do is ask GOD to enlighten them about the severity of the situation, the holy spirit will do the rest.Secondly The lord spoke about this in the word where he reminds “MEN” (Married or not)…..he reminds men to serve him especially in the last days as if they “WEREn’t Married” so that they would give full and total concentration to HIM ONLY. 1 corinthians 7:29-31 But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remaineth, that both they that have wives be as though they had none;And they that weep, as though they wept not; and they that rejoice, as though they rejoiced not; and they that buy, as though they possessed not;And they that use this world, as not abusing it: for the fashion of this world passeth away.

    • Will4.0 says:

      A quick reply to your very long comment…, you are just reiterating the same points he made in the article! If you really think in depth about what he’s saying, you will see that your expansions simply support his points.

      If I’m correct though , your bottom line is simply that whatever you do to propagate the gospel, you do it for the reward in heaven and not earthly reward (and I’m talking about regular income here at least for survival and for other little incentive…) Yes I agree!

      But what i disagree with is when you say “work is work” (hmmm) don’t you think there’s somewhat of a demarcation between having a regular low-paid job even and not knowing when your next pay day would be? There are so many other ways to spread the gospel to your own personal ability without compromising for having an income that sustains you. Now this where I draw the line, (And again back to his original point) between if God has called you to do it (no worries do gospel full time) and if you’re calling yourself (yes worry about income!) hence points 1 to 5!!!

      And finally your point #6, do you mean “it is detrimental to [NOT] know what the lords objectives are…”???

  13. MR REAL says:

    I agree 100 with the post, ive been Gospel Rappin for years, when i first started i signed with Grapetree Records back when we didn’t have a problem saying we were Gospel or Christian Rappers, and like many i thought i would blow up; not so, i soon found out quickly how the game was. I put out 2 albums with the tree, did some traveling, still havent seen a royalty check, and never packed out a stadium. When i first start rappin for Christ i told him that if i only reached one soul through my music ministry then it was worth it, well ive been able to touch and lead thousands to the Lord through the ministry he’s gifted me with, ive seen the good, bad, and ugly in the industry and the ministry, been taken advantage of, done a gang of ministry engagements for free, seen the hypocricy in many gospel artist and churches, have been hurt, have had music stolen, ideas i shared with artis taken and then excluded from, used by artist as well as pastors, and looked over because i refused to copmpromise the gift God gave me. and i got to tell you; i wouldn’t change a thing, because its made me the Man of God that i am today. Ive been on my job for 15 years and im thankful that God has allowed me to provide for my family and still do what i love… music.
    would i love to be full time , sure but i never got into this for the money, and when i saw my cd on the shelves and lost focus and got the big head, God shut pride down in me quick. A lot has changed in the past 10 years, if u dont sound like your favorite rapper or click, then you might not be accepted. I listen to a lot of artist, try and support everyone, but when i go to itunes to listen everyone sounds the same, Gospel Rap has lost its identity why, because of the fear of not being accepted. My brother (f.k.a.young Prophet now Nabiy)and I, when we were sent out rap was the last thing on our mind, we fasted a week before each engagement, worshiped and prayed and stayed in the presence of God because we wanted to see a move of God each time we were sent out, souls were saved, young and old folks got healed from sickness and deseases, people were delivered and set free, miricles took place at rap concerts and now… its just a show, a rap concert, and the ministry is a mini lecture between songs and artist givin from a theological point of view; the study of the Bible blended with the study of secular phycology from a cultural perspective, and because the artist today believe that one needs a degree or doctrate to be worthy to preach the gospel it has created a level of arrogance and false humility within the genre. Not all artist believe in this, but the majority does, and the artist that are hungry to make it will follow what ever the standard is set by the elite. I love Gospel/Christain Rap even before G Craig Lewis I never agreed with hip hop, I remember in the early 2000′s when artist start dropping the Gospel and Christian from the rap, i lost a lot of friends because i didn’t agree, holy hip hop… how can us as believers call somthing holy that has not been delivered yet. Today i hear more holy hip hop artist promoting hip hop more than they do Christ, hip hop represents everything antichrist so how can one be authentically hip hop and be authentically a Christian. If seculsr hip hop is making a mocery of everything that represents Christ, why do christain artist fight so hard for the culture of hip hop. Im dissapointed with the direction of were the genre has gone in the last 10 years, when Gospel Rap started, we used the music to evangelize the gospel of Jesus Christ, we didn’t just rap, we understood that we had an obligation as believers in Christ to preach the gospel, to lay hands on the sick and see them recover, to prophecy the rama word of God, to cast out devils, to lead the body into worship and the presence of God, to walk in signs and wonders and show the glory of God, and now; its all about the music. I’ll leave you with this thought
    Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
    If im not ashamed of the gospel, then why would i refuse to be called a Gospel Rapper…
    Reason #13 if your afraid to tell the truth at all cost, then Christian Rap aint for you. MR REAL

    • HunniBee says:

      I totally agree with how people are holding on to this title hip hop… Find your own lane… create your own path… instead of trying to jump on the train that is on fire and already moving full speed ahead straight to hell. And its really said that what these secular artists are speaking about, when I heard some rapper speak on the Holy Ghost, I felt super unsettled about that. And I totally agree… If youre afraid to tell the truth at all cost Christian rap isnt for them… I feel that way about Christians/Believers in general… I dont have time for closet Chrisitans…

  14. DJ Ron says:

    I thoroughly agree with Mr. Real in the way things have changed in the last 10yrs. Ministry is secondary when it comes to concerts. As far as the name going from Christian Rap, Gospel Rap, now Holy HIp Hop, to me it is all the same as long as the lyrics are representing Christ and that has been my issue with some of todays artist in their lyrical content. The premise of why not to call it hip hop is not consistent with text. I hear the argument of calling something holy and it is not delivered yet, well if that was the case then none of us are holy because of the iniquities and sins we comment even after giving our life to Christ. I stand on Psalms 24:1 and Col 1:16. G Craige Lewis is apart of the body of Christ and I respect his ministry. I just feel he needs to channel his energies elsewhere instead of trying to exposed individuals. God sees everything and in his time will make the wrong right. He does a better job anyway. We do need to get back to the way Gospel/Christian/Holy Hip Hop was meant to be heard, about the good news of Jesus Christ.

  15. MR REAL says:

    DJ Ron i agree, G Craig should show more of the positive impact that christian rap has had, but the artist in the forefront have fought more to prove that hip hop can be holy, than actually living holy, and these same artist have pushed theology which is just the study of the bible, than truly believing and demonstrating the power of the bible, a degree dosen’t necessarily qualify one as a minister, and then theres the once saved always saved theory, this is why many justify the sin and imperfections in there lives,this is why the bible says that “the letter killeth but the spirit give life” 2 Cor. 3:16, One of the problems is is that theology causes many to see things from an intellectual perspective and that is where the compromise creeps in, if we were told as belivers to come out from among them and be ye seperate from the world 2 Cor. 2:17, than why are we so anxious to mimic the world. Saying your a gospel or christian artist is a
    declaration of where you stand, who’s side you’re on and thats why theres so much compromise now because we’ve allowed the standard to be taken away, Gospel… 2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
    Theres a generation out here that need more than music, they need demonstration of the Kingdom of God. Check out these scriptures, Matt 5:8,
    2 Cor. 13:11, Col 1:28, and Jam 1:14 we as belivers can live a life without sin, and truly be delivered and walk holy and upright before the Lord.

  16. Username* says:

    What type of carpenter was Jesus Christ. Which side did he stand on. What type of Fisherman was Peter? Was he a holy fisherman. No they were identified more by their purpose than their position. They saw themselves from a heavenly perspective more than earthly perception. David said who would dare defy the armies of the living God. These were men of many different positions in their normal lives as David displays. He was a sheep herder that identified himself as a member of the armies of the Living God. Grow beyond your self righteous titles the world does not care what you call yourself. The world only cares that you feed it, deliver it, heal it and give it peace. -R4 is a way of life and this is where I Stand.

    • MR REAL says:

      Ive seen so many artist change who they are to appeal to the masses that it has taken away from who they are, and at the end of the day it boils down to money and recognition, what can i change to move more units, why am i not being recognized, why wont they support me, etc.. An insecure person will go along with what ever it is that makes them feel secure, they will settle, compromise there integrity, lie, allow others to abuse them and use them, and will convince themselves that their actions are correct. Prov 14:12 There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Being a carpenter, or fisherman, or even a sheep herder has nothing to do with where one stands in the kingdom, those are occupations… 2 Thes. 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat. If we think the world needs rappers who are christian we’re sadly mistaken, the world needs preachers who walk in the authority and power of God, not in the knowledge of theology, if saying one who represents the gospel in their lifestyle is self righteous, then thank God for righteousness. Right now most of the world and the generation behind us could care less what we feed them, they dont understand true healing, and peace they will never experience until they understand forgivness and true repentence. Its gonna take a whole lot more than holy hip hop to change that, its gonna take demonstration of Kingdom Power through prayer fasting and unshakable faith… whats sad is the majority of holy hip hoppers walk in no power, only talent and education and this is why they struggle with addiction, lust, pornagraphy, competition, arrogance, and pride, and the teaching that because the’ve been elected they get a pass from sin and there election justifies there struggle is absurd. Kingdom should be every believers way of life and that is where we all should stand…

      • Speedy Gates says:

        It seems as if you are saying theology dosent matter bro! Thats how false doctrine, false preachers, and cults get started. Some of these rappers that you are talking about, God has used to help me understand truth and lead me out of false doctrine. I agree with you about the world needing preachers with power, but if they dont have sound doctrine and know sound theology they have no power. There are many preachers on tv that have thousands of people following them, and they claim to have power because they can do so called (“heal the sick, raise the dead, and many other sighns and wonders”) miracles. All of these miracles are all lies, all false and all counterfeits. I was just like one of those poor people following these wolfs when I first came into the faith because I didnt understand biblical theology, and sound doctrine. God used some of these rappers (particulary one who dosent want to be called a christan rapper that just released a album not to long ago) to open my eyes up to the truth of his word. Many of these so called faith healer pastors that claim to have power are really ministers of satan.(But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:14) Also you tslked sbout them compromising. I agree that some do compromise too much sometimes, but me and you compromise sometimes also bro. We are fallen human beings, living in a fallen world. I know you didnt mean it this way at all, but some would think that you were perfect. We as christans should be the most gracious people on the face of the earth.

  17. DJ Ron says:

    Amen MR. Real. I have been in this for over 20yrs even before Grapetree came out. Your first album is the one of my all time favorites and we need to get back to that kind of lyrical content flow of Christ Centered lyrics. I still play some of the old school gospel rap that is still relevant today on my show Hip Hop Praise. http://www.innerchangement.com . The word of God is the final authority. Thank you for your contribution for the Kingdom of God.

  18. HunniBee says:

    Just Bee You in Christ… If people did that and stopped trying to be like everyone else or out do the next person… things would be more creative…

  19. DJ DMD says:

    Well said, bro. I agree with you 100%. Those of us aspiring to do this full-time need to take a good look at this list. I do believe that the time is approaching that Christian Hip Hop will be greater accepted as a vital tool for the Body of Christ and subsequently will be able to support the God-ordained CHH ministries that exist. Let’s keep pushin’ ‘cuz I believe CHH can positively affect the world. Thanks bro.

  20. Soul-Kid says:

    Great post Vikman, thought provoking & soul searching; @ Mr Real, your comments are more than a sermon; the body of Christ needs more men like you. Stay God centred, Spirit filled, Kingdom minded & Word saturated. Your labour is not in vain; God bless yu so much.

  21. Epiq says:

    Well said. Those who know, know. THIS is SPOT ON in every aspect. I appreciate your candidness. Much needed breath of fresh air. Especially, when so many are losing the battle because they struggle with IDENTITY. Everybody want to identify with something. Everybody wants to be somebody. Neither of these are wrong, given the right perspective is in place. This IS a mission FIELD. It takes WORK on every level. Even as a producer, I hear “bless my ministry” and “I’ll get at you on that” with NO follow through. I said all that to say: COUNT THE COST and INVEST IN YOURSELF. If you do those 2 things, the money is never “lost” but, buried. It is seed in YOUR field of harvest. God Bless!!! Kudos for writing this!

  22. Godson says:

    I read a comment above about secular beats…. There is no such thing as secular beats. I think a lot of Gospel rappers approach the game from a defeated angle ready to hate on anything secular. If Gospel rappers would concentrate on making sure their music was dope, and less on making sure their music was different they would see a lot more of their message going worldwide. People can detect bitterness in music, and I know personally as a person who Loves music and purchases Gospel Rap and Conscious rap, and all other kinds of music, I like triumphant music. Most Gospel rappers just complain and wine and cry about the secular rap world on their entire album. And furthermore, just because you are Gospel Rapper doesnt mean you get a pass on wack beats and horrible delivery.. Everybody can rap now a days so you have to be able to do more than just rap to the beat.. Your flow has to be unique and entertaining as well as informative. I’m sorry people but being a Gospel Rapper doesnt mean we should over look your wackness… Get your mind right……. and if you would like to address me personally my email is humbleyourself23@gmail.com have a great day

  23. stop hateing on gospel rappers says:

    stop hateing just because your not up there on that stage don’t hate the people when they trying to do good you got it twisted who ever wrote this is a hater because he never got any where with rap. these people grew up in the projects and gang banging if it wasn’t for rap they would have still been doing that stuff. when I listen to gospel rap it gets into my soul and lets me free it helps me think better.

    • Walker says:

      Amen bro!! It’s crazy it’s like these people never read the bible? Matthew 7 says judge and you will be judged, get the log out of your own eye and then u can get the stick ou of your bros eye;) u know the thing is when people sit there talking all tht smac about Christ rap, u allready see the log in there eye? I’m trying not to join in on the judging! The streets need to here the word to and in sorry but Chris Tomlin just doesn’t do it! It’s our mind tht has to look different Romans 12:2 be not conformed to this world but be renewed by the transforming of your mind! Real talk! Who cares tht you say your jeans or you where the same shoes as the heathens! That’s not it, be not conformed to this world means don’t live by your flesh but live by the spirit! Folks don’t get tht they are being of this world when they go off talking crap and throwing judgement on people! You sir need to repent from your small minds!

  24. CriMIX says:

    Hello I know I am very late to this blog but I just discovered it. You shared some vital info for aspiring artists. I’m at a point in my journey where for the 1st time I’m feeling led to venture more into a music ministry. I have a burden (concern/passion) for the youth. God has gifted me the ability to write music. Long story short my name is CriMIX, and I am a FAITH-BASED cover artist. My assignment thus far from God has been to #R.T.A.D.[Reverse The Anatomy of Deceit] in secular world music. I will be recording Vol 1 of my cover mixtape:#R.T.A.D next weekend. I too will keep your list of advice in mind. However covering songs is my gift. -God Bless

  25. Belle says:

    I blog frequently and I truly appreciate your content.
    This great article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information about once per week. I opted in for your Feed as well.

  26. Username* says:

    Gospel rap??? rily??? to who do u rily minister??Is it rily praising God or just a way of getting recognition?? Why take things of the world into the house of God?? do u rily believe when Angels praise God they rap?? if Gospel rap is so much of God’s ministry why then dont we sing the gospel rap songs you guys write in church when we praise God…?????

    • Will4.0 says:

      I think you are being a little too cynical here mate.
      I really don’t want to go into too much details… But yes gospel rap! I don’t see anything wrong in it! Because it does not appeal to you or to your way os worship does not mean it is not acceptable to God. I see more good in it than anything else…

      We are only told Angels sing Hallelujah… We aren’t told how they sing it or have you heard them? You’ve been there? Look at King David in 2 Sam 6: 14-23. I think David was not too concerned about how he sang his Hallelujah and danced to it!

    • Username* says:

      Honestly you call youself a Christian. Look everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to it. And also just because the building you attend fellowship in does not listen to rap does not mean that other fellowships dont ok. And do you know how God wants us to worship him no because only the big man himself knows that and you are not god. And no Christian rappers do not rap for recognition they rap to spread the gospel and so what if they do want recognition is it wrong to want to be recognized for your efforts? To whom do they minister? To anyone who is willing to open their ears to gods word. Now if you and me serve the same god then you need to do sone serious soul searching because you have NO RIGHT TO JUDGE. As Jesus once said he who has not sinned throw the first stone.

  27. Hey would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using? I’m going
    to start my own blog soon but I’m having a tough time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique.
    P.S My apologies for getting off-topic but I had to

  28. Maxxwells says:

    I’m totaly Confused, can’t even count my left and Right. Some said Rap is earthly property that our father in Heaven doesn’t accept it when we used it to praise Him. Huhh! As for Me, I have d talent, I’ll use my talent to praise my God not to worship Hell, And Christ Jesus He who paid my Dept.

  29. Marcus115 says:

    I like your music and respect your passion. To me, you come off as one of the more down-to-earth Christian rappers. It seems as the genre grows, so does the egos of the rappers. Shouldn’t you be more about encouragement and edification? Your list is legit. But how many of you successful rappers are reaching back to teach younger rappers how to successfully glorify the Lord with their passion. Who are you grooming? How many unknown artists who have shunned the secular rap world to glorify God have you taken under your wing. Granted, you have to have talent. My friend Anthony who has serious talent, http://www.adoulos.com, has a hard time even meeting people in the industry. When I say “you” I am speaking generally. The inaccessibility of Christian rap stars is alarming and discouraging.

  30. Young Gospel Rapper + Preacher says:

    Im sorry you dont like gospel rap. As gospel rappers, it is our mission to spread the gospel through our music. If you say we shouldnt upport 116, you are saying we should be asahmed of our faith. Well, sorry. I AM UNASHAMED. God has called me to rap and preach about Him and I have already lead a decent number of people to Christ. Stop hating, and realize that we are doing what we do for Christ only.

  31. Username* says:

    I was going through things on google and this site caught my eye. After reading through i started to wonder how someone who labels themselfs a Christian could post something like this. First off you are a Christian you should be encouraging people not discouraging them. Also if you want to worship god with your life nothing/no one should stand in your way especially money and relationships. And last rapping does not have to be your full time job most christian rappers do not rap full time. I am 15, My name is Michael, and I will be a Christian rapper

    • shalom says:

      Good evening brothers an sisters well some mind blowing news tonight if you read an research the bible like I do you know that satan is the Angel of worship on his frame were all rubies diamond gold an in his frame was instruments an God made him beautiful so think what is the most popular pasttime in the world still thinking well its music look at the industry an nuff said hes gettin you thru the music even christian rappers because that old rebellious spirit which is not of God is still present in the music wake up an leave it alone oh my proof on who the devil is ezekiel 28 12-19 have a blessed night an praise God.Rap has its own god an the Gospel has its God dont confuse or mix the 2 christians your still searchin for self accomplishment preach an teach an let the rappers rap.

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  35. Rafael says:

    You made several good points right there.
    I did searching on the subject and found a lot of people will agree with your blog.
    Thank you, so much!

  36. Peace and blessings Vik,

    I just read this post and I must say thank you for this homie. Speaking as a Christian Hip Hop Artist / Music Producer myself, I love doing the minstry of Christian Hip Hop and promoting my ministry of music online on iTunes and other music distribution sites. My personal circumstances are that I have two sons, one with autism who requires my presence at home and my wife works in the daytime out of state while I work my nightshift job at the hospital in the ICU. I say this to point out that when GOD gives you a gift, HE ALSO gives you the ability to USE that gift ACCORDINGLY to how HE wants it to be USED. For me, I dont do a lot of shows because of my ability to NOT TOUR, BUT I run my OWN independent label to produce OTHER artists and groups who desire to get into the business and I record their albums, do their websites, put their music up for digital distribution and also educate them on the BUSINESS in regards to copyright and publishing information. I still record my albums and do collaborations because its all about getting the MUSIC OUT to those who are seeking SPIRITUALLY EDIFYING MUSIC, not necessarily about my being ON STAGE. That’s how GOD has my situation set up and I make money off of my music merely just by having it AVAILABLE for those who want to support it as well as for FREE on certain websites. All in all, the bottom line is this: Anyone who wants to be a Christian Hip Hop artist should FIRST understand that ITS A MINISTRY FIRST. If you are in it for the full time benefit of business, then you must FIRST establish the RELATIONSHIP of those IN THE BUSINESS, as well as the EDUCATION OF THE BUSINESS. Our ministry represents the INTEGRITY OF GODS LOVE, so thats how ALL OF OUR BUSINESS should be conducted. So I hope this helps someone because as I said before, ITS A MINISTRY FIRST…. and trust me, as many christian hip hop artists that I deal with, GOD truly sees the hearts of them all and just because they are successful in the BUSINESS does NOT MEAN THEY ARE ANOINTED, it only means they’ve aquired financial success through their gifts that GOD gave them. So many lose sight of the PURPOSE, that they get lost in the limelight, fame and attention. So above everything, make sure that you NEVER COMPROMISE YOUR FAITH in the process because through it all (good and bad / ups and downs / success and failures) it’s all that important to have. GOD BLESS.

  37. Derrick James says:

    Im a Christian producer. I just make real music aimed specifically for Christian artists because the music sets the Atmosphere for the WORD to come forth. If interested I would love to send you a track or two.


    Derrick James

  38. Jared says:

    It’s not about money and fame and making money off of Christian rap songs, it’s about serving god, I will not sell the gospel when ever I make my first mixtape serving god, it’s not about the money , money is of this world, we should hate the things of this world, it’s either the world or jesus, remember the world hated jesus, so of course the people in control of the music industry ARNT gonna do christian rap music, most of these Christian rock people don’t even mention god or jesus in there songs , I beleive they are doing this for more money, like I said its either the world or jesus, if you love the world tho , the world is evil

  39. JaYmz Holy says:

    Great blog…
    read all through the post and comments, I liked that “point 11″. ain’t they any other scripture verse for Gospel rappers to use/ref othar than Rom 1:16? thou m not saying is not cool,
    and Hip hop is hip hop why do we try to add the “holy” tag to it? so that it will be embraced in our Churches? or make it sound acceptable? if we doing it Holy, must it be aggresive? must we dress like the secular artiste? how can you differentiate the worldly rappers for the G.R’s if they all got same attitude?
    most young men are Repping Gospel rap wrongly…
    the secular world see Hip hop as a culture, why must Christian youth Rep that culture instead of Christ?
    so many questions ryt? but is there spirituality in rap? will a pastor or any well respected Minister recommend rap music for someone?
    hmmmmm….. I do holy hip hop too, but i’v been asked Questionsssss, that why I shared.
    Don’t be discourage in whatever you do if it gives GOD glory.

  40. Walker says:

    What you have said is great!! Thank you for honesty! I haven’t heard a lot of your raps but I can’t wait to here more! I wish the church was a more Christ rap friendly? They don’t get it, the lyrics yAll spit are truth in a way tht the street can here! For some reason alls the “church” here’s is fast talk and bass! I’m part of a prison ministry and these guys relate to these rhymes more… It touches them deep down! They bobb there heads and cry and then ask Christ into there heart and then change there minds! Last time I saw a myth head or thug get anything from traditional church music was… Never. Amen and Ty for all y’all do!!

  41. Kaye Jaye says:

    I personally believe that when writing a gospel rap song, an individual should be able to tie in the Holy Bible and the world to encourage
    people in their dailey lives. For example: If a person writes a song about being a good father to their child or children, that individual must relate
    how our spiritual father has/have watched over us our entire lives. Because by doing it this way, that individual is reaching out and encouraging people to be a better person for themselves and to their child or children.

  42. Some_Kidd says:

    Thank you for this article. When this first came out, I was definitely one of those artists trying to mimic other artists’ brands and messages. Since then, God has establish a purpose in me and the music I make. This article helped bring a lot of what God told me back up to the surface. Thank you for the reminder that this road is different than people assume. Thank you for the article. God bless.

  43. 1Preacha says:

    Most of the post and the comments r opinion not fact. Seek GOD for direction. Only u know if u have been called for this. 90% Of Christians r far more judgemental than Jesus ever was.

  44. Jayisreao says:

    I have read this over and over to remind myself why I do Christian Hiphop. Thank you so much for this blog, God bless!

  45. ZachLee says:

    EXCELLENT READ! This isn’t just Christian Rappers but Christian Artists! Point number 6 is spot on brother! Theology is a HUGE part of what artists say! If all we talk about is “God saved me from the trap” and never go further with the lyrics, it shows that we haven’t gone any further with our study of the scriptures, the theology. Always, always, always improve your craft! Thank you for this post!

  46. Jamila says:

    May I simply say what a relief to find somebody who really
    understands what they are talking about on the internet.
    You definitely realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important.
    More people have to look at this and understand this side of
    the story. I was surprised you aren’t more popular since you certainly possess the gift.

  47. Jimoh says:

    great comments, my opinion on these Christian’s rapper or no Christian’s rapper, as a christian according to Holy Bible: says that, we should first of all seek d kingdom of God that after that what we don’t even request for would b added. in other words that indicate to any God’s purposed gift that he might gave us, or interested in and requests for it, either u re a Rapper or preacher, teacher etc use it also for God’s purposes /ways of him That all. my personal ambitious is gospel rap music for God purpose and recognition. Thanks for great comment, GOD grace b with us all

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